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Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy (UVBI):

 It is well known that UV light can kill viruses and bacteria, and current studies show that it also stimulates the immune system. UV light can be delivered as an intravenous treatment as well as given as an external treatment. There have been studies that have been conducted for almost 100 years with this therapy, as well as the newly developed techniques that have real promise. 



Images displaying UV Light Blood Therapy Process


Resources & Research

Harvard’s explanation and research on UBI:

Hemealumen- A great tool for Innovative Veterinarians

By Margo Roman 

Dr Claudia Cooke on UV light therapy and ozone

Tests show UVC lamps could light the way in virus fight 

So the question is...

Can UV Light Treatment be used for COVID?

Coronavirus and Covid-19 molecules under

UV Blood Therapy being used on Viruses:

UV machines being used for COVID:

TED talk:

Drug resistant superbugs

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