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How does it work?

O3 is simply a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. It’s this same molecule that is capable of sterilizing and disinfecting bacterial and viral infections as has been researched since 1987. 
O3, also known as Ozone, is a protective layer in the earth's stratosphere which defends against harmful rays from the Sun. 
While O3 directly is harmful to inhale there are medical practices of safely distributing medical O3 into blood cells to circulate
necessary oxygen to sick patients. In conjunction with O3 blood transfusions, it can be applied to help eliminate cancer cells, and bacterial or viral infections. 
This alternative practice is not FDA approved, due to a lack of high budget funded research. Although a mass research study has not been finalized, many significant smaller sized studies have been researched over the years. Doctors in the US can be certified as practitioners to safely use this method. In European countries such as Italy, It has been in practice in hospitals which may have contributed to the recovery rates during COVID-19.
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This video shows in detail on how O3 (in this case incorporated into water) is effective at sterilizing surfaces while being nonhazardous to the environment 

Dr. Roman article

Oxygen for COVID19—

help us breathe!

Some fantastic news on Medical Ozone therapy is emerging as creative medical professionals use their skills to help COVID19 patients around the world.  Pilot studies in Spain, Italy and China show:

  • Medical Ozone treatment dramatically reduces % of patients needing ventilators

  • Medical Ozone speeds recovery from COVID19 respiratory disease 

  • Larger controlled O3 studies are approved and underway in Spain and in Italy.  

Medical ozone has been used extensively around the world for the past 30 years and has extensive peer reviewed studies to support its cellular action in vitro and its safely and efficacy in clinical applications.  Ozone is used world-wide to decontaminate drinking water from viruses, and has even been used successfully against Ebola virus.

Medical oxidative therapy is completely safe, with NO side effects, unlike the anti-malaria drugs, which have serious—even fatal— side effects, and reports of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin clearing virus in vitro but at 1000x safe clinical dosage.  Recent anecdotal reports from  emergency doctors in NYC suggest that hypoxia is the primary characteristic of severely affected COVID19 patients, not pneumonia related dyspnea.  All the more reason to consider a treatment that does no harm and increases the oxygen available to patients.


With vaccines a year or more away we need to use open and creative methods to protect our vulnerable populations. The brunt of this epidemic is being borne by people in crowded urban environments, in nursing homes, in group homes ect. the demographics of the COVID19 death rates reveal this devastation. Medical ozone can do so much more:

  • Ozonated saline can help protect medical workers and first responders from infection

  • Ozonated drinking water can be used by all essential workers to prevent the virus from taking hold

  • Ozone can be used to disinfect PPE safely for reuse. 

With the new national law “Right to Try,” this is a right for all Americans.  If desperate citizens are willing to poison themselves with aquarium disinfectant, we need to provide safe, accessible options.   

Do not inhale O3 directly. Use treatment by a licensed practitioner to see improvements.

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O3 treatment of COVID-19 international results: 

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