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Maintain your Health.


Frequent COVID 19 updates on developing research!
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Doctors  and  specialists  from  around  the  world  have  long  been  conducting  research  on  conventional  ways  to  treat  different  types  of  illnesses .


Explore  and  learn  about  some  of  these  conventional  medicines  and  natural  remedies with references to other informative articles.

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Keep Safe.

  • Implement preventative medicine and continue recommended practice by the CDC.

  • Self quarantine and clean your    environment as well as commonly used items often.

  • Bring santanising  materials with you to public places such as work. Wear a mask or face covering.




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General Health-

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Please feel open to contact us.

     We want people to share their ideas that could possibly help us navigate new options to solve the COVID pandemic. We need all minds working on helpful solutions and supporting each other.

      In 2010, during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the engineers who were unable to stop the flow of oil appealed to all for solutions. While the professionals were unable to come up with a solution, one of my clients thought of an idea and contacted BP and the government. There was then an open channel for these conversations. Although he not a petroleum engineer or even worked in that area, his idea worked. He was a “renaissance thinker” who used ideas from the past and present.

      Today we must also have an open mind because perhaps it is not a vaccine or a pharmaceutical drug that will ultimately help us survive and end this current crisis. We need to respect all ideas as we are not all knowing and these viruses will keep coming and mutating now and in the future. We must listen to all and not immediately reject an idea because we do not have adequate knowledge or experience.  


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This website's intention is to inform and provide connections to other websites and publications that bring you information about ways that might help you improve your health.If you are a healthcare professional, we hope you use the information we have provided to consider and research new methods for serving your patients. If you are a researcher, we would hope you would investigate the efficacy of the modalities discussed herein. If you are a consumer, become an educated consumer; do your own investigation and and ask questions of your healthcare providers, but never self-medicate – whether based on something you read here, or something a politician says. Although we include some reports of treatments in other countries that have shown some positive results, we are not able to say that any particular treatment can be used to treat or prevent COVID-19 that it is not approved by the FDA. The modalities presented in this website are alternative and conventional modalities that have shown positive results in treating other illnesses and diseases. We hope to generate discussion and most importantly research into alternative ways to fight this and other diseases.


This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure. This is not a substitute for medical advice. 

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